Rotary Compressor

Rotary Compressor
Panasonic's first air conditioner company in Malaysia was established in 1972 to make window-type air conditioners.  Today, its primary activities are in the production of room air conditioners and components parts.   Papamy 2 ws incorporated in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia in 1987.  In order to meet the demand for higher quality compressors and motors.  It was established to manufacture rotary compressors and hermetic motors.  

Another plant in Shah Alam was added to meet market demands and commenced its first mass productuon of rotary compressors and hermetic motors in 1993.  Since 2007, the production of compressors, coupled with dehumidifiers has been centralized in its plant in Shah Alam.  Their products are designed and produced with the latest technology and the most advances machines, robots and methoods.  Coupled with its research and development capabilities.  The factory is committed to meet a diverse and sophisticated range of global cusomer needs.  

Putting together the most up to date technology, Panasonic rotary compressors are highly appraised for their compactness and light weight, while being highly efficient and reliable.  Also with the variety in the product line up, Panasonic compressors are widely used around the world in air conditioners.  

The compressor product line up include R series, P series, K series and J-series.  

Some of the popular models in the market are as below:  

R22, 50HZ
1.  2PS156D3DA06
2.  2PS164D5AA02
3.  2PS206D5AA02
4.  2KS224D3AC02
5.  2KS314D3BA02
6.  2KS314D5BB04
7.  2KS340D3AA02
8.  2JS350D3BB02
9.  2JS438D3AA04
10. 2JS464D3AA02
11.  2JD514D5AA03
12.  2JD514D3AA03
13.  2JD550D3AA03

R22, 60HZ
1.  2RS073H5AB02
2.  2RS092H5AA04
3.  2RS127H5BB02
4.  2PS132H2CA02
5.  2PS146H5AE02
6.  2PS192H2AC02
7.  2K25S3R236A7A
8.  2JS350H3DA02
9.  2J35S236A1B
10. 2J39S236A1A
11.  2JD488H3AA03

R410A, 50HZ
1.  5RS066DAA01
2.  5RS102DAA21
3.  5PS112DAD21
4.  5PS146DAD21
5.  5KS205DBB21
6.  5KS225DAG21
7.  5JS270DAD21
3.  5JS315DAA21
4.  5JS330DBA22
5.  5JD420DAA22

R32, 50HZ
1.  9RS102DAA21
2.  9PS102DAA21
2.  9PS132DAA21
3.  9KS205DAA21
4.  9KS225DAA21

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