Scroll Compressor

Scroll Compressor
Daikin Device (Xi'AN)Co.,Ltd manufacturers Non-Inverter and Inverter scroll compressors with Daikin Japan at the same time.  Daikin which has 80 years of experiences in manufacturing central air conditioners takes a leading position in HVAC market.  

All compressors are developed and manufactured with Daikin's unique technologies.  Daikin started manufacturing compressors in 1946.  Since then Daikin has been developing and manufactruing a wide varierty of compressors for a wide power range with Daikin's unique technologies employed.  

Below is a list of popular Daikin  scroll compressor models which you can find in Malaysia market.  These are models which are used by giant air conditioner makers such as Panasonic and Daikin.  

1.  JT125GA-Y1
2.  JT160GA-Y1
3.  JT170GA-Y1
4.  JT125GA-TAL
5.  JT160GA-TAL
6.  JT170GA-TAL
7.  JT125G-P4Y1
8.  JT160G-P4Y1
9.  JT170G-P4Y1
10.  JT125GABY1
11.  JT160GABY1
12.  JT300D-Y1L
13.  JT355DJ-Y1L

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