Rotary Compressor

Rotary Compressor
Panasonic Wanbao Appliances Compressor (Guangzhou) Co. Ltd was founded on June 8, 1993 went into operation on January 1, 1995 with the registered funds of USD 113,840,000 in which Panasonic Corporation account for 69%, Wanboa Group account for 31% and with the staff of about 7,000. 

This factory is the main R & D and factory of rotary compressors in Panasonic Group. The factory produces both Non-inverter and Inverter rotary compressors.  Products are used in room air conditioners, automotive air conditioners, dryers, dehumidifier, heat pump water heaters and etc.    

As the main production base of Panasonic Compressor Group, the factory inherits from Panasonic Japan the same standard for equipment, technology, management and quality control.  Since the quality of the products has reached the international advanced level,  it has won a good reputation and reliance from both its domestic and overseas clients.  

Some of the popular models in the markets are:
R-22, 60HZ
1.  2R11S3R236A6A
2.  2P14S3R236A1A
3.  2P19S3R236A1A
4.  2K28C226AUC
5.  2V34S236AUA

R22, 50HZ
1.  2P17S225ANQ
2.  2P20C225BNG
3.  2V32S225AUA
4.  2V42S225AUA
5.  2V47W225AUA
6.  2V49W25AUA

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